Hunched shoulders


Hunched shoulders frequently result in expressions like bison hump or hunchback. Besides the shoulder pain, hunched shoulders symbolize that I stopped fighting for life and their weight. I cannot carry everything myself and I feel hopeless. In addition to my problems, I have the feeling of carrying the problems of the people that surround me. ‘Their destiny is in my hands’. I bear the blame from my past. Moreover, if my shoulders are tense, there is a constant state of inner tension in me.
I am constantly lurking, ready to solve any unforeseen situation and taking responsibility for the happiness of others. I should accept that is time to look after myself and let others take care of their happiness. This pronounced deviation of my spine, could also indicate an obligation to implement a dose of humility into my life.
It does not matter why I was feeling that way, I should learn to develop humility. This energy block comes from past angers that still affect me today and that are accompanied by irritations against certain people or situations. I am 100% responsible of what happens to me, I accept my choice consciously or unconsciously, and I am responsible. It is probably the biggest challenge of my life. I am listening my inner voice which tells me what should I do to be happier. A massage or an energetic treatment could help me focus on the present time and also make contact with my superior self to recognize my own needs.


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